How much does it cost?


*Kindergarten: 40 minutes, weekly4000 Yen per month
*Elementary: 50 minutes, weekly5000 Yen per month
*JHS and HS: 60 minutes, weekly6000 Yen per month
*Adult learners: Regular classes - Daytime, one hour 30 minutes / Evenings, one hour 15 minutes, weekly6500 Yen per month
Adult learners: Semi - Private Classes; Daytime, one hour 30 minutes / Evenings, one hour 15 minutes, weekly8000 Yen per month
Private Classes, one hour 15 minutes, frequency is negotiable4000 Yen per class
Business / Company ClassesNegotiable
*Please Note: All regular classes need to have a minimum of two members (semi-private classes need 3 members)Small class sizes: we guarantee there will never be more than 6 learners in a class!


Our learners buy the recommended textbooks and workbooks that are needed in class. Costs for children are approximately 3500 Yen per year. Costs for adults are approximately 4500 Yen per year. You can either purchase textbooks yourself (we will give you the details) or the school can purchase them for you at no extra cost.

Payment methods

You only need to pay one month in advance. However, if you prefer, you can pay 6 months in advance and receive a 3% discount or 12 months in advance and receive a 5% discount. The choice is yours!

We kindly ask all our customers to pay directly into our business bank account or by cash, whichever you prefer.

Number of classes per year

We guarantee you will receive a minimum of 44 (weekly) classes per year.

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