Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay with my child during class?

Yes, of course. Here at lighthouse English we encourage parents to take an active interest in their child's class and we also value your feedback and comments.

How much is the registration fee?

Registration is free!

Can I have a lesson somewhere other than at your school?

We do travel to other places to teach but, due to reasons of cost, this is usually for classes rather than individuals.

I missed a class due to illness. Can I get a refund?

Our current policy is that we don't give refunds because regular class members only need to pay one month in advance and we want to keep our prices as low as possible for everyone. If you are a private student, we will usually be able to re-schedule the class.

Can I change the time of my lesson?

If you are a private student or a semi-private class, we will do our best to accomodate you during a suitable time slot. We ask for a minimum of two days notice.

Does John speak any Japanese?

John's Japanese is at basic level and not enough to handle details... Terumi will of course be there to discuss all matters in Japanese and to make sure John understands!

Does Terumi teach?

Terumi is a full time kindergarten teacher and has no time to teach at Lighthouse English. Her main role is to ensure clear communication (Japanese) as well as offering valuable professional advice and support to John.

Do you teach TOEIC and TOEFL courses?

We help to find the best learning materials, teach learning skills and examination techniques, provide coaching, monitor progress and give feedback to help improve results. Where there is sufficient demand, we can make a class. In other cases, learners may study privately.

What happens to my class if it's on a national holiday?

We guarantee you will receive a minimum of 44 (weekly) classes per year. In common with many businesses, we remain open during many of the national holidays. In a very few cases, if your class is on the same day as a major national holiday, we may need to arrange a different day for you. Please see our calendar.

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