Business needs/ Company classes

The business of English

In a world of increasing interdependency and global partnerships, many businesses need to use English appropriately in a variety of situations, such as:

  • telephone language
  • emails / business letters
  • making presentations
  • taking part in meetings
  • negotiating
  • report writing / making proposals
  • meeting business clients / cultural awareness
  • going on business trips
  • etc.
Useful frameworks for businesses to help assess functional English competence for different tasks include the Common European Framework and TOEIC. There is no ‘one size fits all’ and each business will need to individually assess its needs and consider how best to develop its English speaking capacity.

Whatever your needs, Lighthouse English can help you. We offer a complete range of services that can easily be adapted to your situation:
  • Needs Analysis; (Deciding present needs and future goals)
  • Planning; (Deciding teaching materials and methods)
  • Implementation; (Delivering an agreed training programme in given time)
  • Monitoring; (Observing effectiveness and responding to feedback)
  • Assessment (Measurable success criteria)
  • Evaluation (Overall effectiveness/ results and client feedback)

Teacher Profile

John Barrs has significant experience teaching business and conversational English in Ina Valley, including Seiko Epson, NEC and Olympus. His MA is Organisation, Planning and Management in Education and he has published educational research, demonstrating strong awareness of both practical and theoretical models used to help analyse problems faced by organisations which are striving to improve quality. In addition, John has extensive experience of training adults to teach and work in English in developing countries, including the Maldives – where he worked with local and regional government, in partnership with the British council, to help improve the quality of education in island schools. John also worked in partnership with the Ministry of education as project manager to coordinate a tsunami project with funding from Development Cooperation Ireland. As well as being a qualified and experienced UK elementary teacher, John has successfully completed a well known and internationally recognized training course about how adults learn English (CELTA) and has three year’s teaching experience here in Japan - including delivery of intensive English language courses to help train Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JICA).

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