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Lighthouse Live Event 2018 !!!!

By John on 2018-02-13

Lighthouse Live was a very special day for us and a beautiful event !!! Thanks to all the musicians for giving their very best and to all our Lighthouse learners and friends who came along and made it so wonderful !!! We really appreciate you all !!!

Travelling the World!

By John on 2017-02-21
Paul McCartney in concert in Cleveland, USA
Paul McCartney in concert in Cleveland, USA

Yuzo San catches (Sir) Paul McCartney performing live on stage in the USA... so cool!!!

Travelling the World!

By John on 2017-02-21
Icebergs in Greenland, Ilulissat
Icebergs in Greenland, Ilulissat

Yuzo San has taken many fine photographs on his globetrotting adventures around the world - and this might be the coolest one yet?

Lighthouse Rock Band !!!

By John on 2017-01-02

John is delighted to be a member of the newly formed Lighthouse Rock Band, one of my biggest and happiest memories ever!!! Thanks to all Lighthouse students and friends for supporting us!!!  

Happy Christmas and New Year 2017 !!!

By John on 2017-01-02

We wish all our Lighthouse customers, friends and family a very Happy Christmas and New Year!!!

The best picture John took in 2016 !!!

By John on 2017-01-02

Terumi and I celebrated the end of the year (2016) in Yamanashi and enjoyed some beautiful views of Fuji San, which will bring us lots of good luck in 2017!

By John on 2017-01-02

Some good news in 2016 !!!

By John on 2017-01-02

John was invited to appear in a well know magazine which shares British and Japanese culture... it was a very positive experience! (Please see next blog entry for details)

Some Good News from 2016 !!!

By John on 2017-01-02

John was invited to appear in a well known magazine which shares British and Japanese culture!  It was fun to answer questions and think about all the positive things I enjoy about life in England and here in Japan.

Lighthouse Live Event!!!: 2016

By John on 2016-07-10

Thanks so much to all Lighthouse students, friends and band members for once again making our Lighthouse Live Event such a wonderfully enjoyable evening!!! Fantastic!!!

Lighthouse Live: November 15, 2014

By John on 2014-12-15

A big thank you to Lighthouse students and friends for all the enjoyment at our live on November 15th!!!  We really enjoyed seeing you there!. Musicians were also great!   Keep on rocking!!!


By John on July, 2016
Horse Shoe Bend, Colorado River, USA

Yoko really enjoyed her visit to the USA!!!

'I had wanted to see Horse Shoe Bend for a long time and, as I walked in the red desert, the view finaly unfolded before me from a cliff top of dazzling height! Although the height was scary, the contrast between red and green was beautiful and I enjoyed it for quite a while!!!'

Golden Week in the Heart of Africa!

Victoria Falls by helicopter!

Many thanks to Yuzo for his excellent stories about safaries and adventures during Golden Week in Africa!

A Tale of Two Cities!

By John on 2013-03-31
Mont Saint Michel, France. A dream come true!

Lighthouse learner MT recently enjoyed a very happy family holiday in London and Paris and kindly shared lots of interesting stories with us in class!! 'The weather was good and food was very delicious! I could take a taxi and order meals in English!' Here is a beutiful view of Mont Saint Michel in France, a dream come true!!

A happy holiday in the UK!!!

By John on 2013-02-13
A visit to Stonehenge - the most famous pre-historic monument in England

English is sometimes a lot of fun! A big 'well done!' to Lighthouse learner Hiroki who recently returned from a happy holiday in England.

  • Hiroki says, 'It was a wonderful experience to travel in the UK and to use my language skills. I'd like to go to the UK again! I'll keep working to improve my English!'

Thanks for this great photograph and travel stories!

A Visit to Kenya

By John on 2013-01-07

Thanks to Hitomi for telling us lots of exciting stories about her visit to Kenya! This photograph shows some orphan children with friends from their local Elementary school.

Adventures in Monument Valley, USA

By John on 2012-09-03

Lighthouse English School welcomes news from all members. This picture is the most famous scene in Monument Valley. The place name is John Ford Point and many movies have been made here. Thanks to Yuzo for this marvelous photograph and energising stories about his recent travels in the USA!

John sings again!

By John on 2012-03-28

Thanks to Kenshii (lead guitar) for helping out!!!!

Farewell to Jesse and family... we will miss you!!

By John on 2012-03-19

Thanks to everyone who came to wish Jesse and family a fond farewell on Sunday, 11th March at Country Cafe!! We had a great time and Jesse played a great fiddle! Ten years in Komagane... many happy memories and many more to come in the New World (Canada).

Jesse, John and Japalish live on Saturday, 11th March!!

By John on 2012-03-19

What's "Japlish"?

By John on 2012-01-22

Japanese and English = "Japlish." This is the name of the new group John and friends have recently made. "Japlish" plays a mixture of English/ USA pops and originals. We are performing live from 7:30pm at Country Cafe, Komagane, on Saturday 4th February! An evening of English and it's free! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

"Japlish” = Japanese and English! 最近、ジョンと友人たちで作った新しいバンドです。"Japlish"が演奏するのは、イギリス/USAのポップミュージックやオリジナルソングです。来る2月4日(土)にライブを行います。場所は駒ケ根のカントリーカフェ、時間は19:30~。この日は英会話もFree!!!! ぜひ聴きに来てくださいね!

John sings "Georgia" at Country Cafe, Komagane...

By John on 2011-06-18

John and friends enjoyed performing live at Country Cafe and were pleased to see a lively audience of suppporters on the night! Thanks to all who helped out and see you at the next one on November 5th!!!


Ex-Students Visit to Lighthouse

By John on 2011-09-19

It was a pleasure for Terumi and I to receive a visit from some of our friends and Japanese students I had been teaching in Ghana, just a short time ago. We enjoyed sharing news and drinking tea at our new house in Komagane!! Many thanks and see you again!

ガーナ時代の友人と生徒さんがライトハウスを訪ねてくれました。日本で会うのは初めて。遠路はるばるライトハウス兼Sweet Homeまできてくださり、ガーナ時代の話、近況などで盛り上がりました。会えてうれしかったです。ありがとう!

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