Teaching and Learning at Lighthouse English School

Teaching at Lighthouse English

Teaching for needs of learners
Teaching for needs of learners

Teaching is not an exact science and there are many different materials and methods to help achieve different learning goals. We don't promise miracles, we promise teaching methods and materials that really work!
We believe most learners need the opportunity to practice their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills - using what they already know to become more confident (fluency). We then give lots of time for new learning - so that vocabulary, use of grammar and pronunciation are continually improved (accuracy)

Teaching methods
We believe learning should be enjoyable and that teaching should be matched to the needs of individuals, so that they are helped to achieve their goals. Our classroom is a friendly and professional learning place.

We group learners according to ability to help maximise the efficiency of teaching and learning for all. However, in exceptional cases and upon the agreement of all class members, it may be possible to group learners according to friendship patterns or family relationships for example.

Teaching materials
We use high quality textbooks and other teaching materials from well known publishing companies. John sometimes uses good quality resources from the internet and makes his own learning materials as needed, especially for children - who also enjoy learning from songs, games and story books etc.

Learning at Lightnouse English

Secure, happy, successful learners!
Secure, happy, successful learners!

Our Learners
We understand that all our learners are unique individuals. We find out what they want and provide the right facilities, learning materials and teaching to help meet their needs - so that they can enjoy a secure, happy, successful experience whilst making progress to achieve their learning goals.

We provide short homework tasks so that students can practice and consolidate what they have learnt in class. We also recommend simple study routines. All homework tasks are optional and are only completed when learners feel they are helpful.

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